Micro for Nano Integrated Sensors and Microdevices

Activity Abstract

Our Micro-for-Nano (M4N) approach wants to merge the innovative properties of nanomaterials for sensing at nanoscale with the reliability, low-cost and accuracy of CMOS electronics. The Dielectrophoresis (DEP) technique is exploited to assembly different nanosensors onto Multi-Electrode Array (MEA) of the CMOS chip.

The integrated System-on-Chip drives the assembly phase and sensor measurement, if properly configured by an external microcontroller unity. It is also connected to a working-station for real-time data storage, implementing an innovative portable device for nanosensing.

Moreover, our fabrication process of M4N prototypes includes a low-cost Electroless Nickel and Immersion Gold (ENIG) process of the top CMOS microelectrodes.to improve the electric contact with the assembled nanowires.

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Activity Keywords

  • Micro-for-Nano (M4N)
  • Dielectrophoresis (DEP)
  • Multi-Electrode Array (MEA)