ReadOut and Sensing Systems for Humanoid Robotics

Activity Abstract

Nowadays, sensors are an irreplaceable tool to acquire information on the external environment. In this context, Read-Out Circuits (ROCs) are necessary to transform the electrical characteristics of the sensor (capacitance, resistance, …), related to the physical quantity under-test (pressure, temperature, oxygen, pH, …), into electrical signals compliant with standard electronic systems. Our ROCs are all CMOS-based, compact and low-power and most of them are event-driven and modular.

Specifically, we deeply worked on pressure sensors (both capacitive and resistive), designing two ultra-low power all-digital systems, for robotic applications. We also worked on analog designs to conceive time-based converters, such as resistance-to-frequency, resistance-to-digital and impedance converters. They are designed with a quasi-digital output and included in the M4N chip, together with a BiCMOS-based temperature sensor for biological applications, which will be provided with a neuromorphic interface.

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Activity Keywords

  • Read Out Circuits
  • Integrated Electronics for Robotics
  • Tactile Sensing