Bruno Giacomo

Bruno Giacomo

Ph.D. at Politecnico di Torino, Electronics Engineering

Giacomo Bruno achieved his master degree with the status of summa cum laude in Biomedical Engineering (2013) at the Politecnico di Torino (Turin, Italy).

Giacomo was enrolled in the Electric, Electronic and Communication Ph.D. program in collaboration with Houston Methodist Research Institute (Houston, Texas). Under the supervision of Dr. Alessandro Grattoni and Prof. Danilo Demarchi, Mr. Bruno’s project focused on the development of a new active implantable system for remotely control drug release. By leveraging the unique phenomena occurring at the nano- and ultra-nanoscale (less than 10 nm), it is possible to precisely control and modulate the therapeutic flux though nanochannels. Using Bluetooth Low Energy or Ultra-Wide band technologies, the implant can be remotely controlled by an authorized user such as the caregiver in a E-health scenario, or the patients themselves for a personalized therapy. Giacomo was involved in several additional projects, e.g. the realization of a mathematical model for deeper understanding of ultra-nanoscale diffusion, the miniaturization of a passive drug release implant, and the study of microfluidics performed in microgravity at the ISS.

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Biomedical Engineering 90%
Nanomedicine 85%
Data Analysis & Electronic Measurements 70%
Electronic Design 75%
Nanotechnology 70%